Pig farming excursion in the Netherlands

The VON-Netherlands organize an excursion program special for your needs. Possibilities to visit farms, companies, special guests, and other potential partners.

We as VON-Netherlands can offer a tailor made program. We have the possibility to support you in your accommodation and food. We have a translator for every language and full guidance. The needed visa will be also supported by VON-Netherlands

The Dutch pig industry

The Netherlands is one of the most productive pig producers in the world. The Netherlands became famous because of her constantly new innovation.

The VON-Netherlands offer you a wide, interesting  program where we supply, easily, the Dutch knowledge about the pig industry. With the close network we have, it’s easy to have an interesting program for everyone who is interested in the excursion program.

  • Get the latest innovation about the pig industry in the Netherlands
  • Expand your network and meet potential business partners
  • Talk with Dutch entrepreneurs
  • Use the wide network of the Dutch pig industry
  • Improve your knowledge in a couple of days

Price depends number of participants, number of excursions, time of excursion



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