Oirschot and surroundings..

Oirschot, an independent municipality located in the Kempen with more than 18,000 inhabitants. Narrow alleys and winding streams, hidden culinary surprises and cultural secrets. Oirschot is full of hidden gems! Both around the Market, in Spoordonk or De Beerzen, and in the vast countryside.

Oirschot, a village settled in the south of the Netherlands. 20 minute drive to the city’s Tilburg and Eindhoven. The population of the municipality Oirschot is around 18.000 people. Oirschot has more than 300 monuments, which is quite unique. Below a few of the 300 monuments are shown

  • The Roman Catholic Church named Sint-Petrus’-Bandenkerk. This 15th- and 16th-century Gothic church is the biggest building in the town of Oirschot and the tower of the church is 73 meters high.
  • The old town hall build in 1513 in the centre of town (Oirschot)
  • Maria-church (Maria-kerk). A 12th-century Romanesque church in the centre of the town of Oirschot.
  • Monastery Nazareth (Klooster Nazareth) with a chapel in Neoromanesque style (1910).
  • Former Brewery De Kroon (Brouwerij de Kroon) built in 1773
  • Hof van Solms, palace of Arnoldus Feij (or Arnold Fey)
  • The Big Chair (De Grote Stoel) the biggest chair of Europe.
  • Huize Groenenberg, a very fine house built in 1613.
  • Chapel of the Holy Oak (Kapel van de Heilige Eik), stone chapel dated 1606 (earlier there was a wooden chapel at the same place).The city Oirschot has a lot of visiters/tourist who visit the historical village every year. The old church the cozy plain and a lot of restaurants and terraces makes Oirschot a hot place for worldwide tourists. Oirschot became also famous about the forests, nature and other hotspots near the city Oirschot. Below some pictures sow the impression of Oirschot.

Oirschot, also known as a ‘Monument in the Green’. This municipality has no fewer than eleven nature reserves, two protected village views and more than three hundred monuments. Oirschot is a village with many possibilities! In addition to the beautiful nature reserve, there are of course also many terraces, you have the opportunity to explore Spoordonk on the e-choppers and you can relax while enjoying a barbecue after the training at BIJ ONS!