Program VON-Netherlands for 2 weeks training Stockmen

Goal of the training:
Learning and experiencing how Dutch farms are managed and controlled to achieve good technical and economic results with a high work efficiency.

During this course you will learn all the basic elements to get good results. During these 2 weeks you will experience all processes and what is important.
This course will also help you to make choices for your company.

After an introduction about pig farming in the Netherlands and the VON farm, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Heat detection and signals, insemination at right moment
  • Success factors off group housing in the gestation
  • Pregnancy detection
  • Colostrum intake / Cross fostering
  • Milk production sow
  • Reduce weight loss at weaning
  • Feeding strategies and condition score
  • Controlling en feeding sows
  • Making foster sows
  • Piglets treatments
  • Internal and external biosecurity
  • How to reduce antibiotic use
  • Pest control
  • Cleaning / disinfection room
  • Monitoring health status
  • Why is batch management and data management important?
  • How to make a good batch, what do you need?
  • How do you get good data?
  • What is needed to improve farm efficiency.
  • Selection of gilts
  • Quarantine en Adaptation
  • Feeding schedule
  • Feeding strategies nursery
  • Why is good climate important
  • Different kinds of climate control, what are the key point in climate

On the latest day every one gives a short presentation what they learned and how they can implement this on their own farm.
In the end everyone will get a certificate.

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