Housing systems for pigs
Days:                1
For who:           strategic managers, pig farm managers, stockman workers

This day means housing day. Every stay during the pig lives needs different recommendations. We take a look at the different needs for the pig during their lifetime. We discuss the different housing systems, make an assignment and finish the day with an exam.

Farrowing management
Days:                5
For who:           strategic managers, pig farm managers, stockman workers

We will repeat some subject about housing for lactating sows from last week. The following subjects will be explained.

Management before farrowing, Management during farrowing, Management with new born piglets and suckling piglets, Cross-fostering, Climate, Farrowing innovations, Treatment of piglets, Using antibiotics, Managing of staff in the farrowing room, Relation with other parts of the farm, Prepare sow for weaning

Prepare piglets for weaning, 3-4 week weaning age, Day of weaning, Weight control, Feed schedule, Feed ingredients, Results of different genetics in the farrowing, Supply of creep feed, Diseases

The theory will be used for the practical part of the training. We will do the following practical assignments during the next two days:

Planning and data recording management
Days:                3
For who:           strategic managers, pig farm managers, stockman workers

This day gives an overview of all the process who are involved in the pig farm. The first day is an explanation of the total supply chain of pig/pork. This overview is more detailed and total focus on all the processes in the farm. The use of week schedule, time management. How can we combine the week schedule with data management. The use of software programs and where this in results. A short explanation of the Do’s and Don’ts in a pig farm structure. After this we make together an assignment.

A following up of day 3 about using the right data. VON-Netherlands use for every part of the farm the right protocols. Our employees knows better what to do and if we have a problem it’s easy to determine the problem. The way we are working is very innovative in the Netherlands because we were one of the first farms with this strict protocols.

Measure of pens, Measure climate, Prepare for farrowing, Treatment of piglets, Using the sow cards, Introduction of RFID, Cross fostering, Prepare for weaning, Weaning day, Cleaning farrowing, Criticize the feed, Economics

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